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  2. Cynthia C Alexander ,Broker
  3. 772.934.6863
Address Not Provided
Address Not Provided
  1. Price: $825,000
  2. Days On Market: 87
  3. Acreage: 0.00 acres
  4. Pool: No
  5. Waterfront: No
  6. Year Built: 2004
  1. County: SAINT LUCIE
  2. City: Port Saint Lucie
  3. Zipcode: 34984
  4. Subdivision: Port St Lucie Section 13
  5. Provided by: Choice Properties
The owner of Treasure Coast Lawn Equipment has operated his business at this location since 2004. He is wanting to sell the real estate portion of this business and remain on site continuing to opera [Read More]

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